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Sockwa is a mentality, a mindset of understanding, of feeling, and one of action.  It's literally woven into the fabric & stitches of our product.  It embodies our customers, our designs, the construction and execution of a worthy final product.

When we feel more with the sensors in the soles of our feet, we can react to more of the inputs and therefore output balance, strength, skills and accolades in sports and elsewhere in life.  Of course you'll need a sharp acute brain that can process as fast or faster than the inputs your body is receiving on a daily basis.

Back to mindset and understanding, of which we are constantly changing and evolving with you, for you.  When you feel more, it gives you more choices, basically, by which you can judge the world around you.  For instance, feeling the ground temperature and ground texture paints a picture in your mind of what it's feeling, even if you aren't looking at it.  I'm not saying that you should close your eyes while walking around, but the point is that by feeling more, you can make better decisions about how to walk, run, jump or just put your feet up and relax.



This feeling of your body parts is sometimes referred to as Prorprioception.  It's sort of like the unconscious moving about the room without your brain needing to process each detail, perhaps like a shortcut of reacting to the world around us as we try and navigate it.  We have been exploring, studying, proto-typing, different methods of promoting more proprioception, so that athletes can perform better and feel more of the world around them, and thus begin to try and master them.

 We certainly don't know all the answers, let alone understand all the questions, but that doesn't prevent us from asking and exploring.  In our case, it's the truth that we are looking for.  The truth about footwear in terms of what is needed to actually help the foot in all areas.  We started with a sock, but we won't stop until everyone is wearing Sockwa.