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I was very skeptical that Sockwa would be useful on a camping trip, but a friend of mine convinced my to take them along on our 4 day backcountry trip to the Sierras. Now I will never go backpacking again without them! They are lightweight and incredibly comfortable, and with a pair of socks kept my feet warm on cold nights at high altitude. They are perfect for wearing around the campsite in the mornings and evenings (or even during lunch stops) when you just don’t want to wear hiking boots. And since they dry quickly, they are great for wet stream crossing.
— Benjamin Ruttenberg | Professor, Cal Poly SLO
After tossing all the so-called light-weight shoes and slippers for around the campsite from my hiking gear, the SOCKWA X8 are my new light-weight hiking companions: in the evening around the camp site or while crossing a river. I am obviously very weight-conscious about my hiking gear, but the 192 gram (0.42 lb, per pair) provided important functionality and let my feet recovery after a long day of hiking in the wilderness.
— Lars Tomanek | Associate Professor, Cal Poly SLO Biology
These are my utility tools. I’m a runner, soccer player, martial artist and most recently aspiring spikeball professional. The X8’s have been absolutely instrumental in my training for all the sports. They give me the right amount of protection for my foot while still allowing me to maneuver in the way I want to.
— Patrick Gonzalez | Unashamed Spikeball
As a team of professional Spikeball players we are on our feet a lot! We love our Sockwa because they are the perfect combination between protection and comfort. Spike on!
— Shaun Boyer | Chico Spikeball, Student and Spikeball Brand Ambassador
In my experience, nothing comes close to the X8 experience. Long story short...Brilliant design, excellent execution, and a great price.
— Alan Thwaits, 66 year old runner | Barefoot Journey
I’ve run several marathons barefoot over the last 5 years and Sockwa are the closet thing to being barefoot without having to worry about watching you step! The X8s are incredibly light and comfortable and for general day to day use they work really well too. I now prefer running in Sockwa to anything else (including barefoot!)
— Joe Addison | Addison Personal Training
I’ve travelled all over the world teaching Tai Chi Chuan and Sockwa is simply the best shoe T have found for my needs. The traditional Tai Chi slipper takes time to wear in; Sockwa fits like a glove. The traditional slipper disintegrates under hard use; Sockwa is tough. The traditional slipper look dated; Sockwa looks fresh.
— Robin Gamble | Warrior Strategy
As a team barefoot runner, we really appreciate a little protection for those times when the soles get a little tender. We’ve found no better ground feel in ANY other minimalist shoe. These are quite simply “The Closet Thing To Barefoot!” They have the Barefoot Running NI stomp of approval.
— Andy Reid | Barefoot Runner
The Sockwa’s arrived early this week. I immediately took them out for a 10k run and m feet loved them!
— Keimpe Wiersma
The shoes are phenomenal! I wear them on a nearly daily basis and am amazed at how well they have lasted.
— Sam Mangalick
I will first day that I absolutely love the shoe. It’s the perfect match for us as we are avid hikers and frequently spend entire days out on the trails.
— Jim Besemer
The Sock with attitude is what we’re about. Comfort and versatility is what the language we speak. Free Your Sole.
— David Zasloff | Sockwa Founder & CEO
I just for my first pari today and I love these shoes! My poor aching feet feel better already. I’ve been in minimalist footwear for years now and these actually fit and feel like I’m almost barefoot! Thank you!!
— Jennifer Doscher
I think the ground feel is excellent, they are incredibly light and flexible, and you can roll them up and fit them in your pocket. That puts them on the ultra-minimalist side of the minimalist/“barefoot” shoes spectrum.
— Justin Owings | Birthday Shoes, Blogger
The red Sockwa makes me faster. Keeping my feet cool in the hot sand.
— Nadia Johnston | Beach Tennis Athlete
I love the new breathable X8. I use it around the gym. They are as close to barefoot as I’ve ever felt in a shoe.
— Anthony Band | Bare to Run
These shoes are so comfortable they feel more like socks than they do shoes. The upper is soft and stretchy, and conforms to the shape of your foot. The seams are flat and not at all noticeable to the skin.
— Tina Dubois | Natural Runner blogger
I tried your shoes on. They’re pretty cool. I could see them as a great rock climbing accessory and for around the campsite.
— Yvon Chouinard | Founder of Patagonia