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What is the status of my order?

You can see all notes and shipping details by entering your order number HERE.  Weekend inquiry answered on Monday by 12 noon PDT.   Email us anytime at:

What does Sockwa stand for?

SOCK With Attitude!  We make shoes for people who'd rather go barefoot. The upper is stretchy, comfortable and adapts to the shape of your foot. Our sole is wafer thin yet incredibly durable. We use plastic for the outsole, because it outperforms rubber in every capacity.  The entire shoe is crushabledurable and washable.

How does sizing work?

We have a new size chart that ensures that you get a perfect fitting Sockwa every time you order.  Here's the new Size Chart.

How is a Sockwa supposed to fit?

They are form fitting shoes that are supposed to feel snug like a sock. They can be worn barefoot, or with a sock inside.  They should push slightly against the big toe, but not be uncomfortable.  Your toes should be able to splay out as you walk.

What are the Care Instructions for my Sockwa?

One of the great benefits of Sockwa is that they are machine washable. Just be sure to wash them in COLD water and line dry them. Exposing the footwear to excessive heat will breakdown the product much more quickly.

What is the Return / Refund Policy?

To review our Return / Refund Policy, please click here.   

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Are there extra fees?

International Customers:  You WILL be liable to PAY the import Duty and Tariff on the Sockwa product that you buy from our website. The range is usually 5% to 20+% depending on each country's laws.  Visit USA Department of Export for more information.  Learn more.

None of these answer my question. I need to speak with someone, when are we available by phone?

We are open to answer questions via the phone on Monday-Friday 10 am to 3 pm EST (905) 334 1811. If you can't reach us then, please either leave a message or email us at