Running a company is very much like running a race.  It's a race that never stops, and can always be restarted with a fresh attitude, direction, and with renewed vigor.  Similar to a video game where you get 3 lives, you can always press reset and start again.

Competing in today's marketplace is daunting, and full of risk, nay-sayers and obstacles that push you to jump higher, run faster, and think differently.  Big, multi-national companies seem to have infinite resources and never seem to stumble too far, or fall too far.  Small companies have an advantage and disadvantage, both of which need to be used to zig zag through the landscape and come out on top.

 Sockwa began life on the beaches of Southern California, catering to the growing sport of beach soccer.  We keep your feet protected with freedom of motion and the feeling of being barefoot.  Two years after we started making beach socks, our customers started wearing our product everywhere.  We pivoted and added a super lightweight, thin and durable sole and offered a truly unique solution.  Our 1.2 mm thick sole, is 3 times more durable than our competition, largely due to the advantage of plastic over rubber.  The Sockwa solution enables our customers and athletes to compete and win without a shoe getting in the way.  Instead, our shoe molds to your foot shape and is so lightweight that you forget it's even on your feet.

Small companies can be strong, nimble and often seem to run into dead ends.  It's the ability to turn around at the dead end, change perspective and accelerate in a new direction, that changes a company from small and weak to strong and powerful.  The goal needs to remain the same; Keep the Customer Satisfied.  Starting over with a new perspective can help you see angles that otherwise were hidden from view previously.  It's vital not to change the essence of the company nor the foundational goals that empowered you to start the business in the first place.

 We are very excited to announce our new beginning with Startwise.  They create revenue sharing deals and make them accessible to everyone.  In today's rapidly changing world, companies need investors with strong vision and forward thinking perspective.  These companies need to have current technology, passion, and the ability to literally change an industry.  Sockwa is poised for growth in this new economy, because we've stayed true to what we believe.  Healthy feet help make our bodies healthier.  

Kinesiologists, Sports Medicine Doctors, and Athletes around the world are realizing that stronger feet can improve performance and help solve other mechanical problems that impede efficient movement.  At Sockwa, we are working vigorously to change perspective and provide our customers with addictive footwear that's comfortable and enable you to have body mechanics that mimic being barefoot.  We use plastic technology to help make the thinnest sole on the planet now, but ultimately enables us to make all shoes with a more efficient manufacturing process.  

Please invest in Sockwa through Startwise and join our charge to change the world of footwear and to create healthy footwear for everyone.


David Zasloff

David Zasloff