I've learned more about life, love, time, and patience these past 3 weeks than I ever imagined. 

When your back is up against a wall, paths and roads elsewhere seem like a distant dream, that's far away.  That's when you buckle down, man up, and take care of business.  It's not always pretty and it's usually never like you thought it was going to be.  That's life, and frankly what is so great about living each day.  Sure you wake up, develop the day's plan, and start executing.  Incoming call or email or request, and it's off to the races…the beginning of the end of your plan on this day.

If instead we thought of it as driving on a time wave, bringing you to places you've never imagined or expected.  Making the most of this new moment, or gift of time, embrace the small details.  Why?  So you don't go insane, or lose focus.  Also, to become a better version of yourself. 

Details matter.  Perhaps it's not brutally obvious at the moment, but indeed, life is cumulative.  Build each moment with the next, using positivity, love, and loss as the mortar that holds it all together.  Build your dream, one pain-staking moment at a time.  Focus on the task, the beginning, the middle and the end.  All are equally important, just as we are all equally important people. 

Embracing each day's monotony with a gentle exuberance is the goal.  Then the rare, welcome distractions become spices in your soufflé of life.

David Zasloff