Perspective is everything!  Example: You're having a bad day, and things don't seem to be going your way.  You feel sorry for yourself but welcome the opportunity for the day to turn brighter...

Suddenly the phone rings, and your perspective customer asks a few questions about your product to see if it's right for her.  You hear that your customer is missing her left foot from the ankle down, and her right foot has no toes, not to mention she also lost most of her fingers.  That's not stopping her from attacking life and about to embark on a much needed vacation to the Beach in Saint Martin.

Customer first!  This is my attitude thanks to the teachings of my late father, Alfred Zasloff.  He was The Hardware Retail Guru, and taught me early, to approach each and every customer as important, unique and as a problem you need to help them solve.  

You realize that your "bad" day is better than most people's good day, and you're humbled.  

Your perspective has changed and you are not at the center of this world, but rather a conduit for this world, connected to all, and with the choice to be good or bad.

Time to be positive!  Spread your new perspective and help someone else have a great day!

 David Zasloff, Founder & CEO

David Zasloff