Do products matter? Why are certain brands and products important to our culture, our society? Sure, the Earth’s rotation does not depend on the existence of a product or company, but little things move our society forward and create sometimes-subtle impacts that are not obvious at first glance.

Sockwa is a fledgling company, a new product–but the reason it exists is because of the dreams that live within the people who are part of the Sockwa world. When I was asked to come aboard the Sockwa team, I had to answer a single question before accepting the offer: “Why does Sockwa matter”?

The first compelling reason is that it is an organic and incremental addition to our economy. The Sockwa founder and CEO has a strong desire to build a great company that bucks convention is how business is ran.  He wants the focus to be on great people (customers and employees) that have a passion for their work and a willingness to work differently. Sockwa’s success is both a win for its owners and employees as well as the US economy.  Its success is an incremental addition to our economy. Sockwa seeks to employ local talent and develop a path to building products here in the US, end-to-end.  A central goal of Sockwa is to be producing part of the US economy both in terms of job creation and development of a new US brand.

Second component to what Sockwa matters is the product itself. We believe footwear has become bloated. Too often the distinction of footwear is rehashing old ideas, or adding more to the basic concept. Does a thick-soled shoe like the Sketcher Shape-Up really contribute to weight loss or better muscle tone?  Or does the idea simply add to the bloat of production, raw material consumption and weight on your feet?  Sockwa is about being minimal. It provides the protection you need without the bulk rubber, plastic and glue you don’t.

Sure, there are others out there who attempt the minimal approach, but they attempt this at the cost of style and looks.  Sockwas are beautiful and look good on your feet. Sockwas are the sole focus of the company…each thread, the sole thickness and comfort of the fit are painstakingly designed with the customer experience at the center of our thinking.

So, why does Sockwa matter? We are innovators of a great product line; we are job creators who want to work differently to be a positive contributor to our world, economy and community.

COO, Sockwa

David Zasloff