To some, a millimeter feels like a hair and just doesn’t matter. To others, a millimeter feels like a foot, and matters a lot. It’s all about your perspective and the requirements for success.

When it comes to making shoes, depending on who you speak with, a millimeter doesn’t matter. If you speak to a brain surgeon, that same millimeter is the difference between life and death. Perspective and the specific situation is the real factor in the relevance of a millimeter.

Day 2 on the ground in China, and it started with a great nights sleep. 11 hours of pure REM and relaxation. That’s a step in the right direction to make up for skipping Sunday all together and staying up all night on the plane.

Here at Sockwa, we are starting a footwear Revolution. What exactly is a revolution in footwear? We believe it starts with understanding how traditional footwear is made, and then reverse engineer it down to the very essence of what’s needed. Big, Bulky soles with bladders and EVA foam just doesn’t cut it for us. We want simple, efficient footwear, that’s considered fat-free and healthy for you.

The Revolution we speak about is not accomplished by just doing things differently, or by throwing 20 Million Dollars at a barefoot running facility (Good luck Vibram). This revolution is a slow, painstakingly re-evaluation about what is necessary, and what is mere caulk. Most revolutions have been in the making for years, and ours is very much the same.

We strive to make shoes differently and more efficiently, with a keen eye on the entire supply chain of product development, fulfillment, and distribution. This information is not in a book, and can’t be figured out by just anyone. It is certainly not easy, and not obvious. The 10 steps forward are followed by 9 steps backward, and if you are lucky, a giant leap forward after that.

To understand the Revolution we speak about, you’ll need to understand what makes Sockwa tick. Glue. Glue makes us furious. It has limitations, and is not good for our environment. It also changes the characteristics of the shoe. Unfortunately, this revolution is being fought by everyone, every step of the way. The early adopters understand our quest, but do not fully understand what it takes to change how footwear is made.

Sockwa will soon be releasing a new shoe. On March 20th, we hope to introduce what’s been called Amphibian v1.5. This NEW Sockwa combines all of the wonderful characteristics of the Playa Lo-Cut with the sole of the current Amphibian. Finally, more room in the toe box for the barefoot runners and people with wide feet. In fact, this new Sockwa will be form-fitting in a way that no other shoe can be.

We are working furiously to be sure that the quality of the construction, the sewing, the colors, and the brand are ready for this new birth of Sockwa.

This new version is glued together. What? I thought you just told us about the fact that you hate Glue, and now you are bringing a product to the market that is glued together! WTF, Explain yourself ZAZ. Well, as I said earlier, the Revolution is slow, and moves forward at the rate of about a millimeter per day. Nearly every shoe in the world is glued together, and for this year, Sockwa will be the same. However, we are working on technology that will eliminate glue, and bring a better, more efficient shoe to the world. Patience, grasshopper.

David Zasloff
Owner and Founder

David Zasloff