WEB 2.0

If you don’t know what “web 2.0” is, it’s what you’re doing now. It’s the internet we’ve become accustomed to in the last few years: an interactive internet with user generated content, information sharing, collaboration and interactivity. Rather than a new version of any particular internet software, web 2.0 is about a change in philosophy.

We used to go to the internet to look up information, send e-mail or purchase products. But more and more, we are the internet, you and I. Facebook, Wikipedia, Youtube, Yelp and the Sockwa Blog are all examples of web 2.0 sites. We share pictures on Flickr, share our favorite boomarks on Delicious, tweet to followers on Twitter and submit restaurant reviews on Yelp. Even your mobile device (once called a cell phone) now gives you instant access to interact with millions of people on the web.

These and many other web 2.0 tools pose both challenges and opportunities for businesses. Using the social interactivity of web 2.0, companies try to capture new customers and solidify relationships with existing ones. Coca Cola has 16 million fans on Facebook, Old Spice has a popular Youtube channel where you can watch funny viral ads, and Zappos’ CEO Tony Hsieh has 1.75 million Twitter followers. These companies hope that when people interact with their brand online or join their online community, they will feel kinship with the brand and become brand loyalists. In short, they want you to identify with their brand. They want you to be their brand.

So is Sockwa any different? We think so. At Sockwa, we want our brand to identify with you. We want the brand to be you. Alright, so that sounds like kind of a lame rhetorical distinction but it truly reflects our vision. Like shoes, any brand fits different people differently and we want to know how ours fits you.

Sure, like any web savvy company in 2010, we use the internet to improve brand awareness and sales. That’s part of my job. But to our team, web 2.0 is more than a series of marketing tools; it’s market research and a sounding board for new ideas. Your ideas. How can we improve our product line? What colors do you want to see next season? What kinds of activities are you doing in your Amphibians? We don’t want to tell you what you need or like, we want you to tell us. Hearing from our customers makes us genuinely happy, even when it’s not what we expected to hear — especially when it’s not what we expected to hear.

So become a fan on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and write a comment on this blog site! Use your web 2.0 and tell us what Sockwa is and can be for you.

David Zasloff

David Zasloff