I am sitting here, typing this blog post wearing my favorite pair of Playa Lows (the orange ones) and I just remembered my first impression when I put them on. I had the luxury of lots of Sockwa fans around me to remind me of the first experience, but many of you don’t.  You see, my instinct was to judge the feel and fit of my Sockwas as if they were a shoe: you know, room to move in them… little gap in the toe…a shoe.  But it was a completely different experience and I had to be reminded that Sockwas are not meant to fit like a shoe, they fit like a Sockwa (no other way to describe it).

My Playas fit snug at first and with a few moments, fit perfectly and stayed that way to this day.  You see, the Sockwa is not meant to fit like a shoe, its meant to fit your foot like a protective second skin without the weight and bulk of a traditional shoe.  Once you get them on your feet, you totally “get it.”

Give them a try and you will be a convert forever!

David Zasloff