As each step I could feel the bold and smooth texture of Jerusalem Stone, I began to grasp the enormity of what it feels to march onto the Old City in Jerusalem.  People stared at my feet as I made my way 5 km from our apt to the ascent of the great city of Jerusalem.

I walked across this ancient valley where more empires and people have traversed and fought across and realized that I was the first person to wear a pair of Sockwa into this holy city.  My approach was up the snake path and just south of Jaffa gate which gave my body, legs and feet a feeling of strength and tightness. After passing thru Zion Gate I walked around the Armenian Quarter, and thru the Jewish Quarter till I descended down a long and smooth stairway to the Kotel or better known as Western Wall. It was my first of 5 more runs through the new city to the Kotel, while wearing my Amphibians.  These experiences of running, jogging and walking in Jerusalem has given me a real sense of humanity and connection to nature. Since I was so close to the earth and stones I was able to really feel the vibration of the earth. It was like no experience I had felt in terms of nature and humanity. My body and feet were finally connected to something beyond explanation…

There was one more first for Sockwa. I floated in the lowest place on earth, the Dead Sea. With the highest concentration of salt in the world, you float like a duck. My Amphibians were a perfect solution to the salt formations on the bank of the shores. I was able to walk over the hot sand and the salt formations that sometimes cause more damage than good.


David Zasloff