I love the Sockwa Amphibian not only because it feels amazing, but because it’s sexy on your feet. The alternative footwear scene can product some “fugly” shoes. It almost seems to be a necessity to break away from the typical shoe design paradigm.  Similar to the hybrid car market, great looks and efficiency appear to be mutually exclusive.  Face it you don’t but a Prius for looks, but what options do you have?

On the footwear front, to be able to wear an alternative option shoe, it may appear that you have give up good looks to get what you want.  Like the Prius, you don’t wear Vibram for the looks.  But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Like Tesla Motors in the car world, you have now have options that break the alternative must be “fugly” paradigm.

At Sockwa, we make alternative footwear that feel amazing and look sexy on your feet.  You should give them a try for yourself!

COO, Sockwa

David Zasloff