Many salespeople make the mistake of selling a product based on its features. Features are the attributes of a product: wireless speakers, seat warmers or polarized lenses. Have you ever gone to a retail store and the salesperson tells you something like, “This product uses the latest unique proprietary technology….” Bla, bla, bla. Umm, who cares? Why should I want that? Well, that’s the problem. Most people don’t care about features unless they understand how they can actually benefit from them.

Think about it. What if our slogan was “Sockwa Amphibian is a minimalist shoe with a 1.5mm TPU sole”? It also has neoprene and lycra upper and comes in 7 colors. Ok, so what? Obviously people want to know what they are buying, but we want you to know the benefits of wearing our shoes. That’s why we say our shoes are so comfortable you’d swear they were socks. It’s the next best thing to being barefoot. You can feel the earth beneath your feet as nature intended. They will make you rich beyond your wildest dreams! OK, that last benefit may or may not be true.

Did you know that over 80% of people who try on our shoes buy them because they simply feel great? There’s a reason. As hard as we try, benefits can be hard to describe; but you can feel them in every step in your Sockwas. Don’t believe me, try on a pair. If you don’t feel the benefits, send them back on us, we have a very lenient return policy. Remember, Sockwas are FAB!


David Zasloff