Our eyes are literally a reflection of what we see.  Our eyes are gentle yet powerful and incredible complicated and simple at the same time.  I believe that if we act more like our eyes, we can live life in harmony with our bodies.

Let's explore the need for rest, and for exercise...We love using our eyes at a football or sporting event, both to view the action on the court or field but also to take in the gestalt of the experience.  We focus near and far and rarely take a few seconds to blink and possibly miss something we could have seen.  Our eyes like our bodies need rest too.  Haven't you experienced total relaxation just by laying down and closing your eyes?  You don't even need to sleep to fee revitalized and refreshed.  Just some rest and time not seeing.

 Our eyes can also see madness and terror, unless we close them.  I recently experience the need to close my eyes on a VR ride at Universal Studios, as it was making me sick, and the mere act of closing my eyes, helped my body feel better.  Hey, at least I went on the ride with my family, and this time, I didn't...

Your eyes are the gateway to your mind, body and sole.  We can experience such joy from a sunrise or such anguish from an accident.  Seeing a super star up close can make people weep.  Six muscles control each eye, helping track and focus on objects in the visual field.

Treat your eyes as if it was the King and Queen of your body.   Keep them healthy, protected, and special.  When you rest to sleep tonight, allow your eyes to relax and rest, so that your body can too.  Sweet Dreams.

David Zasloff