It's not likely everything needs fixing, or is it? Fixing usually implies that something's broken in some way, not producing the said product.  I've been called lots of things, but I call myself a Perfection-ist.  Striving to create the most perfect product possible, ever since I was a kid working alongside my father in the basement in New Jersey.  Fighting Entropy at every stage in the design and construction of perfection, knowing that entropy is the more powerful force, and so ashes to ashes, and dust to dust, remains true.

I've taught myself how to fix anything broken, and can find opportunity under every rock I overturn.  Footwear is HUGE, and I mean 50 Billion plus pair a year are made, Globally, to satisfy our collective need/want for shoes.  Did you know that nearly 90% of those shoes are glued together with toxic, worthless, glue.  Imagine smelling toxic glue every day at work, well that is what it's like in the glue factories of China, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc…People don't complain, because they aren't qualified to do anything else, and when they die from cancer, then another will simply take their place.  Moving from one poor country to the next, chasing the lowest wage possible so that the most expendable people can glue shoes together….

Yes, this is happening NOW…in the age of the iPhone, and International Space Stations.  It's quite breathtaking when I think about it too long, and it deeply saddens me that, pretty much, the World doesn't care, yet.…Angels don't care, VC's could hardly see our mission, and the customers, well, the customers just want what they want.  I felt compelled to change footwear, from the moment clarity struck me.

We see and have been perfecting a solution to this big toxic problem.  Plastic.  Essentially, use plastic instead of rubber for the sole, and then remove the need for glue, by directly injecting the plastic pellets onto the fabric or leather upper.  It's combining two steps into one, removing the toxic glue component, and use a renewable, clear resource, that will one day soon be bio-degradable. The process is called over-molding or co-molding.  It's also known as coinjection.  There are literally about a dozen plastic injection molding facilities in every single major city of the World.  This means that the backbone, or platform, or language, is already built out.  We just need to make shoes completely differently.  This doesn't mean, change the look or feel of the shoe, but essentially change how it's made. Well, Nike and New Balance don't seem to care, as per they're rejection letter to our patent submission.

We have chosen this hardest path possible, to create the future, by changing the fabric of the past, so that one day, our beliefs, efforts, and voice has been heard and that we have made an impact on everyday life.  We are very close to solving this problem, as we have been working on this for the past 7 years, and have addressed each and every problem, meticulously, as they come up in test after test.  We do make premium beach socks and minimal shoes, but have secured the patent on the process of making shoes, with a direct inject sole, with a series of holes in the sole.  We believe that we will introduce this product later this year or early next year….It's exciting, every single day, to see more and more applications to the same process, perhaps for another category.  Thanks for learning about our process and passion.

David Zasloff