Intention is defined as the primary goal or plan, the thing intended.

What's your intention? Yes, I'm talking to you!  It's not such an easy question to answer without considering the other parameter, time.  In the next 2 minutes, my intention is to convince you to pay attention to your intention....In the next year, my intention is...In the next 10 days, it's our intention to....You see where I'm going with this.

If time is so important to intention, then how do we modulate our intentions based on current time, and imagined, future time?  It seems that the answer to that question is also based on time as well.  I believe that we analyze how much time we have, or imagine we will have, so that we can then allocate X amount of time to promote that cause, or intention in this case.  Once we understand our time commitment, we can begin to have more and more intentions ranging from using the restroom, to being a great father, or to help solve the world's problems.

Some people commit their lives to helping others, while others help themselves.  

What's your intention today, tomorrow and in the years and decades to come?

Why is intention to important?  Why can't we just go about life, spending time with friends and family, eating bountiful food and drinking libations until we see blurry?  "Everyone else is doing it"...Not good enough...."It won't have an impact"....not true...For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, says Einstein's Third Law...Meaning everything matters....making someone feel something has a lasting and impressionable a very small, and nearly imperceivable manor.....but added together, day after day and year after year, it can have a profound effect.  Water can erode stone year after year...

So, now that every breath of air matters and all moments with all people matters.  What are you doing there reading this blog? Go out there with the best of intentions and enjoy what life has to offer, and then tell me about it.  Together, we can all make a difference.  By having the intention of such. 

David Zasloff