Looking ahead is fun and daunting, since it reveals the truth and the history of the direction you've been traveling.

For us at Sockwa, it's fun building a company focused on customer demand, but also comes with debate about what's first, second or third.

We've reached out to you all and heard back from more than a few people that they want to see a Sockwa Sandal with padding, a Sockwa Lace Version with Padding and Water Proof Socks and Shoes.  We're even developing an over-molded shoe.

Although the path isn't always clear and often littered with obstacles, it's our privilege to make it happen.  Here's what's great about what we are doing:

1.  It's a major step towards renewable and sustainable footwear that is Made in the USA.

2.  It's more comfortable to have just the right amount of padding and we're going to show you in 2017.

3.  Water Proof Socks and Shoes are just the beginning for the amazing fabric with nano-membrane that is sweat permeable but not water vapor thus keeping you dry and warm.

We are doing many other things that you'll read about in the months ahead, but please share your support and help Sockwa achieve these new products faster by Funding a Product.

Questions, please email David Zasloff directly: dzasloff at Sockwa Dot Com

You can also call or text David at Eight Oh Five Three Five Zero Zero Zero Five Nine

David Zasloff