Here at Sockwa, we were schooled early on the benefits of being barefoot, but it wasn't until our customers spoke out, that we realized there was a greater footwear need.  Healthy Footwear.

What is healthy footwear and does anyone make such a thing?

Healthy feet can adequately support your body and allow you to navigate the planet with the greatest of ease.  Healthy footwear, then provides the platform ( or lack of platform ) for allowing your feet to twist, turn, splay, and your arches to get stronger.

When we first realized that footwear was also manufactured in the same old 19th Century methods, we saw the light.  

We first set out to develop the thinnest sole possible to compliment our first product, the Sockwa beach sock.  Our customers told us to make it as thin as possible, even thinner than Vibram's.  So we used Plastic, to make the thinnest sole possible and that would allow our beach sock to develop into a Shoe that can go anywhere and feel as close to barefoot as possible.

Feet come in all shapes and sizes, and there is no solution for everyone.  However, we are passionate about allowing your feet to feel the earth and to get stronger.  We are driven to create healthy footwear and educate customers about what we've learned and what our customers have taught us.

Thanks for your interest in Sockwa, your past support, and your patience with getting people to wear healthy footwear.

David Zasloff