he On Demand Era is now, and it's real!  It's where technology, software, product and supply all converge.  3D printing is just the beginning.  Nano-membranes are old news.  Microelectronics have been around for decades.  Wake up people and smell the change.

Don't like what you smell? Neither do I.  Don't just sit around reading the news of destruction, devastation and despair.  Read it, absorb it, let it brew inside you, and then unleash your fury and inner self towards being that drop of water that eventually wears through that stone.  

Disagree, argue, and give generously of your time and money for small things that have huge impact.  

This path I speak of is not easy, nor are the results fair, just, or even guaranteed.  It is, however, a high stakes game of life or death.  We've been warned several times, by Politicians, Poets, Musicians, and even the News. Rest no more. This is the moment of change, the moment when you choose to do your part in this convoluted machine that is human existence.  Use your power, influence, money, or time now, to help protect what we've been given.

Whether you hug a human, plant a tree, donate cash or help re-build a community, it all makes a small, but significant difference towards fixing past mistakes that others have made and continue to make.  We have to work harder, think smarter, operate more efficiently and with un-relenting resolve in order to combat the negative forces.  Losing isn't an option, so do something, anything, now, later, and tomorrow.  Don't stop until your lead is being followed.

David Zasloff

Founder & CEO of Sockwa

David Zasloff