Whether leaders are bread or born is still up for debate.  While you'all arguing about that, I'm honing my craft.  Each day, each customer, each moment, each product, and each task.  Trying to uncover the truth about footwear, about efficiency, about style, perception of fashion, and truly what is important.

Family, we almost all agree, come first.  After that, everyone's got a different approach, agenda and spirit....Let's call ourselves snowflakes who make mistakes.  Find your thing, that makes you unique like the snowflake, while giving other people pleasure.  Be yourself, and if you can't do that, then find your-self.  If you can't find yourself, then find a purpose that makes your life worth living, because not everyone has it so easy.

Leaders dress in suits, speak in a low voice, and fold their hands gently in front of them....Perhaps most do, but some lead in silence.  Entreprenuership is the road less travelled.  It is less travelled, because it sucks.  It's full of bumps, pot-holes, and one-way streets that lead to dead ends.  Fulfilling purpose usually starts with an idea, and takes years and decades to master.  There are joyous moments that seem to last for only a few moments, before getting slapped in the face with reality.

If you know what your purpose is, then it's not hard to wander off that path on purpose...It should act as the guiding light, and energy, fueling you forward, towards your destiny.  The path that you decide to take will lead you where your intentions, hard work, perserverance and never give up attitude, take you.

Lead when no one is looking and care about everything so that your customer can feel your finger print.  Care about each thread, the process, the product and the people who use it and whose lives we touch and who give us fuel to design the next product that can take over the World and make a lasting imprint.

David Zasloff