I recently had the pleasure of having a customer want to stop bye our main headquarters to try on some of the models he's never seen in person.  This was certainly not our first request, and we try to say yes to all who inquire.  This customer, who's name we'll change for this article, Doug had been in contact with us for the prior few weeks and we finally were able to align our two differing schedules, and I'm glad we did.

Doug's not a big customer, but that's exactly the point.  Yes, he even bought another pair for his daughter, although we don't know what she thinks quite yet. Each customer matters.  Each person comes to Sockwa from a different past and has their own unique story, and views on life and business.  Each perspective is unique yet strangely similar.  

Doug wasn't your typical bird, he had a few feathers missing and had an attitude to which I had to adjust and slow, way down, and just be.  Me and Doug.  Trying on Sockwa.  Patience, two trips to the Warehouse, helping Doug take on and off the Sockwa, and voila, a sale.  Another pair of X8, this time, in White.

Normally, I try to understand each person and their motivation for reaching out, and what's going on in their psyche, but this time, I was just really present.  Then it happened.  Doug said it; "You know, Sockwa changed my life!"  We were walking him to his car, and he said those words, which honestly felt like he just asked to kiss me.  At first, I didn't address the comment, but about 2 minutes later, I had to ask.  Doug, "Exactly what did you mean when you said Sockwa changed your life?"

He told me and it made me proud.  Proud of Sockwa.  Proud of myself for listening and proud of my self just being present with Doug.  I am proud to me an entrepreneur who stands for something, albeit unique and not understood my the majority, yet.  I was proud of our mission to build healthy footwear and to be gaining customers like Doug, one at a time, is simply priceless.  Thanks Doug for your time and patronage.

David Zasloff

Read how Sockwa changed Doug's life:  

Doug needs a hip replacement, yesterday!  He will soon get that, but for now, he hobbles slowly, as if he's breaking his inside with each step.  It's painful to watch, and he shared how painful it is to do what you and I frankly take for granted every day by walking and running.  Doug shared, that's he's tried every single shoe out there, and ours is the only one that doesn't dictate the angle of your leg, ankle and foot position.  You see, he says, flat sole shoes all have their own angle and anything but nuetral is bad for my hips, and unbearable.  So much so, that I can't walk in any other shoes except Sockwa. 

David Zasloff