Chances come and go, opportunities arise and then go away.  Don't miss your chance, this chance, to be present in the moment.

Life goes by quickly, and soon you're left with a collection of moments, memories, experiences and history.  Enjoy each interaction throughout the day, whether you're talking to the same person as yesterday, or if you've never met this person, and likely will never see them again.  Treat each experience as a snowflake, unique, distinct, and soon, gone.

Be present in the moment, allows yourself to fully feel the energy in the room, of the person, the artwork, etc. You can gain a new perspective on your life after a day or two of this modified behavior.  Allow yourself to feel each moment, so that your collection of memories is prized, coveted and brings smiles to your face, every time you think of them.

I recently had an experience of a lifetime.  It was the first Sockwa event that my wife, and two children attended with me to work side by side and sell Sockwa at this event.  Each customer we met and interacted with, presented us with a new character in our collective story.  Yes, I've done numerous events, but this one left an indelible mark on my heart, and a new perspective on my life. 

David Zasloff