Our NEW GHi isn't your average surf bootie.  It has way better grip, it's thinner for more feel and it's not made of vulcanized rubber.  Have you ever seen something in this world and thought, this doesn't seem right, not today, not with our knowledge.  Well, vulcanized rubber is one of those nasty things.

Sockwa chose differently, we use plastic, because it's better than rubber in almost every way across a multitude of situations.  It all started when I was looking to add a sole to our amazing Beach Sock, the Playa Lo and Hi and I noticed that vulcanizing rubber is a disgusting process.  It appeared to require dipping large taffy like piles into acid and then a roller device and then more acid and water baths.  I observed people doing this in flip flops and shorts with no respirator or anything.

I was appalled and vowed to do things differently.  We use plastic, it's way more expensive to make the tools initially, but you save on each pair.  We using less energy to make each sole and our technology will allow us to eliminate glueing the product together and permanently bonding the upper to the sole.  It's like magic, only better for us, you and the Planet.

Help us help the planet and stop buying vulcanized surf bootie, when we have the Sockwa GHi.  You can even use and stick like glue to a virgin board with no wax.  Spread the love and let's work together to make the Planet better.

David Zasloff

David Zasloff