Debating on a new hobby? Thinking about taking up running? Getting in shape? Maintaining better health? Whatever the reason is, here are a few simple kleys on for successful running.

  1. Set a schedule: Make a schedule of the days you are going to run and for how long. Whether it is getting up early before work or going out after you get home, don’t skip a planned day. Start off slow and just a few days and then you can work your way up. Stick to your plan. Even if it’s the last thing you want to do, get up and go. Your body will thank you and you’ll be happy you did it.
  2. Build endurance: Your body needs to build up the endurance to go for longer periods of time. Your body can only handle so much in the beginning. When your body starts burning, keep going. The burning just means its working and your body is building the endurance it needs for longer runs. Ten minutes will turn into twenty and thirty and so on.
  3. Entertain yourself: It can get pretty boring while you’re running with nothing entertaining you or accompanying you. Grab a friend and run with them. You’ll push off each other to push yourself further. No one can head out with you, grab some music. Put on your favorite tunes and the time will fly by while you’re out. You will be able to run farther being entertained.
  4. Change up what you do: Running alone is great, but your body will become immune to it. Try switching up activities. Take a day and hike. Your body is still getting the workout as you do when you run, but you are also building endurance as well as strength for climbing mountains and any inclines. Try running up inclines or hills. Try some sprint running. Set up obstacles and run through them. Replace a run with one of these once a week. It’ll keep it interesting and build your endurance and strength.
  5. Take a break: Your body needs to rest and recover. Your body needs time to rebuild your muscles and joints. Plan for a few days a week to run and then take a day off. Remember to incorporate the rest days into your schedule. It is very important that you take the time for your body to rest.
David Zasloff