Sockwa introduced the G Hi in June, but what is it for? Anything and everything just as the G4 and X8, but more specifically: surfing, SUP, and anything else where water comes into play. Typically, these activities are done barefoot, but throw on a pair of G Hi and see how different the experience is.

What makes the G Hi work so well for these activities? Let’s take a look.

The most important part of the shoe is the sole. The sole has so many great characteristics that make this shoe amazing for these activities. First, this sole has the best traction on wet slip surfaces. The material of the Sockwa sole, which is TPU and also the same great sole on X8 and G4, was specifically chosen because of its wet slip. Some would say this sole has better traction and wet slip than human skin. Imagine that! This traction is super important when keeping balance on a wet board. Next, this sole is ultra thin, yet durable, and flexible. The sole conforms to your foot and allows the shoe to mimic any movement your toes or feet make. As I said, this sole is the same as the sole on the X8 and G4 which is 1.2 mm plus 0.7 mm of tread. The thinner the sole, the closer to the board you are. You are more in tune with your body on the board.

The upper is made out of the same quick drying Lycra and Neoprene as the Playa beach socks and the G4. Go from surf or SUP in the G Hi to your car without taking these off. The upper material is thin and lightweight that feels like a true second skin. This skin like upper paired with the thin sole, allows you to feel as though you are wearing nothing at all. When traditionally these sports are done barefoot, putting on a shoe that feels like you are wearing nothing at all is an easy transition. Surf or SUP where there are rocks, shells, and other harsh objects and never worry about hurting your feet again. They give protection when clearly you need it.

The G Hi slips on and off easily making it more attractive to throw a pair on just before you hit the water. The high ankle strap securesthe shoe on your foot and ankle allowing the shoe from any slip while on the board or slipping down the ankle after time passes. The G Hi fits like a glove on your foot.

Lastly, just as a wet suit allows you to surf at the wee hours in the morning when the sun hasn’t come up or SUP when the water is just too cold to touch, the G Hi insulates your feet. The comfort of the G Hi on your feet in colder temperatures allows your feet to get better feel on the board.

Give them a try and let us know what you think. SUP and surf are just the two reasons we created the G Hi, but we have heard customers wear them for kayaking, outrigger canoe racing, and beach fly-fishing. We’d love to hear what you do in your new pair of G Hi.  Click here to purchase a pair today. 

David Zasloff