We here at Sockwa are extremely excited to announce the latest addition to our growing lineup of minimalist shoes, the new ‘X8.’ Composed of a soft, breathable upper bonded to an ultra-thin, high-grip sole, we will be displaying the ‘X8′ beginning February 19, 2013 at the FN PLATFORM show in Las Vegas.

For those of you unfamiliar with the event, FN PLATFORM is the largest, most comprehensive footwear tradeshow throughout North America. Converging the global fashion community all under one roof, it is the ideal launching point for the X8. “The composition of the X8 makes it the perfect blend of function, comfort and most of all, fashion. As the X8 will demonstrate, Sockwa continues to produce the most tactile shoes available for those who would rather be barefoot,” expressed CEO David Zasloff. He added, “We’re super excited to see the reaction of our fans and future buyers of this product.”

Given their versatility, much like the G2 and G3, the X8 can be used for a diverse host of activities, ranging from travel to hiking and cycling. With a crushable, washable and extremely lightweight (less than three ounces each) disposition, Sockwa makes for an ideal second shoe to roll, stow and go.

“Many of our customers have been assessing the marketplace and inquiring when they would experience a minimalist shoe that emulated barefoot yet offered just enough protection and most importantly, breathability,” explained Zasloff.

Good for not only your feet and well-being, but for the environment as well. Sockwa are made from non-toxic, solvent-free, decomposable, readily recyclable, hypo-allergenic, anti-odor uppers along with rubber-free soles; thus, making them the perfect shoes for those to Tread Earth Lightly™.

For those attending the show, we encourage each of you to swing on by Booth 63323 to meet our team, demo our footwear and most of all, see what the game-changing ‘X8′ is all about.


Artie Beavis 

David Zasloff