My first experience with Pilates felt much like the first day I tried to snowboard. It was full of humiliation, self-doubt, and ridicule. What’s that contraption you use? It’s called a reformer and yes, you feel like an upside porcupine being stretched alive! Let’s just say that balance and technique are very much part of the equation. The great thing about snowboarding and Pilates is that the second time is a blast, and you keep coming back for more.

Pilates doesn’t always have to be done on a machine. A floor and some determination is all thats needed. It’s a deep stretch mixed with insane core muscle firing and you can even work in your cardiovascular training, all without the stress of Gravity and what it does to your body when walking around all evolved and stuff. Your six pack stomach likely comes from Pilates if you never ever eat any sugar or fat. Having a strong core can reap rewards all through your daily life, even if you have a cheeseburger lifestyle.

Yeah, I do it, I mean my wife and I do it once a week. Pilates folks, is a great work out and has benefits off the court too! So try it, in a class or solo with a trainer and you’ll find out why an hour of this each week is part of the recipe for a healthy and long life. Let us know if you need tips or helpful hints that can make your first time doing Pilates feel great.

David Zasloff