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What began on the beaches of Southern California in the spring of 2008 catering to the needs of budding beach soccer athletes, quickly turned into solving one of mankind's oldest inventions, the shoe.  Our beach customers loved our product so much, they started wearing the socks all around town, on concrete, asphalt, and grass.  This was the best problem we could ever face; Remain a beach sock company, or challenge ourselves and make our customers happy by adding a sole, making our sock into a shoe. 

Needless to say, we rose to the occasion and designed a unique, never been done before, kind of sole, made of Plastic, not rubber.  Why plastic and not rubber?  Plastic's better for the environment than rubber.  It uses less resources and is a cleaner process.  But most importantly, it was listening to our customers, who wanted the Sockwa Sole to be thinner than a Vibram Five Fingers™.  Plastic allows us to make the sole so super thin and defined, yet durable and softer than most other rubber soles.

Listening to our customers and evolving the product towards their unified vision is what lies at the heart of the Sockwa brand.  We continually improve our process, people and product to provide our customers with service and attention to detail that they can't get elsewhere.



We make strangely addictive footwear that are lightweight, compact, and the most tactile on Earth. Sockwa are the ultimate second shoe for the active lifestyle. Our proprietary production process produces better footwear with less environmental impact. Click here to read our Environmental Policy



We saw a problem with today's overbuilt, uncomfortable, unhealthy shoes.  Our solution is uniquely thin, yet durable plastic sole, whose properties are better than rubber. Our SockwaSole™ allows for maximum tactility and unparalleled natural foot movement.  It's ideal for an endless number of healthy lifestyle activities which involve health and fitness.



Sockwa is led by creative, driven, honest, hard-working people who follow their passion and execute their vision. We began on the beaches of Southern California making a better beach sock for the beach soccer players.  Our main office and design studio is located in Ventura County, California. We've been in business since the spring of 2008 and our team is led by founder David Zasloff.